Database Research Group

WSI – Database Systems Research Group


Students! We are looking forward to work with you on the open topics listed below. You may also contact us if you think that you have identified an interesting challenge that may fit the research profile of our chair. In either case, please send e-mail to Torsten Grust or any other staff member (German is fine). Make sure to include the following information:

  • Which of our chair's courses did you attend?
  • Beyond database systems, which courses/seminars have particularly raised your interest?
  • Are you a hands-on hacker type or do you prefer working with pencil and paper?
  • Which programming languages are part of your toolbox? Which of these do you master?
  • Did you work with functional programming languages (beyond the bits of Scheme taught in the introductory CS courses)?
  • Any projects you have worked on in the recent past?
  • What would be a suitable date to start the work on your thesis? What are your other commitments (e.g., courses, exams, day job) in the thesis time frame?

In Progress

From Database-Driven Python to SQL
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Tim Fischer
Optimization of Provenance Analysis
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Daniel Täsch
Using hashtables in functional-style UDF compiled CTEs
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Madeleine Mauz


Extend SQLite3 with Support for LATERAL Join
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Jonatan Braun
Data Provenance for PL/pgSQL
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Thora Daneyko


How-Provenance Through Query Rewriting
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Pascal Engel


Intuitive Recursion Preprocessor for PostgreSQL
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Stephan Biastoch
Normalization of SQL Queries
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Andreas Herzog
How Does ToWithRecursive Hold Up?
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Peter Richter
Implementierung von Program Slicing auf fsUDFs
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Cedric Breuning
Translating UnicodeMath into MathML
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Noah Doersing


Provenance of SQL Transactions
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Martin Fuß
Iteration to Tail Recursion in Python
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Alexander Mühlbauer
Functional Universe
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Louisa Lambrecht
Visualizing Query Plans
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Zhili Zhang
Language-Level Provenance Analysis of SQL
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Gabriel Paradzik


Visualization of How-Provenance
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Martin Lutz
Kernel Language to LLVM Compiler
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Noah Doersing
Compilation of SQL into KL
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Denis Hirn
Reduce query delay in IBM IDAA (Neteeza)
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Simon Poschenrieder


IBM Netezza Zone Maps and Geographic Data
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Jan Burchard
Using Spark as a Backend for R
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Michael Zabka
Optimized Supply Chain Management
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Daniel O'Grady
Peformance Optimizations for the PostgreSQL JIT Compiler
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Hien Hung Nguyen
Clojure Library for Embedded Queries
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Marco Schneider
Ship route simulation based on location and weather data
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Jonas Weissensel
Analyse von Textkorpora im Bereich Recruiting
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Vanessa Rath


Extract and Sanitize PostgreSQL Query Parse Trees
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Peter Richter
Design of a Portable SQL Wire Protocol
Type: MSc
Assigned to: Stefan Burnicki


Implementation of a DSH code generator for MonetDB5 MAL
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Steffen Brennscheidt


Star Wars Database
Type: Studienarbeit
In Memory Implementation of Vector Primitives
Type: Diplomarbeit
Assigned to: Tobias Müller
Use variant of XPath Accelerator to index nested PDF data
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Sebastian Brandt
Representing Hierarchichal Structures in NoSQL Databases
Type: BSc
Assigned to: Worked on by Jessica Abele (BSc Bioinformatik) @ GE Healthcare, Munich


Trello Bridge
Assigned to: Sebastian Engel


A Ferry-Based Query Backend for the Links Programming Language
Type: Diplomarbeit
Assigned to: Alexander Ulrich