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Alexander Ulrich

As a member of the Database Systems Research Group, I worked on supporting expressive, compositional and nested query languages efficiently on relational query engines. To this end, I developed a query compilation approach based on Blelloch’s flattening transformation.

In terms of software, the main outcome of my work is Database-Supported Haskell (joint work with George Giorgidze and Jeroen Weijers), a DSL for database queries embedded in Haskell.

As of April 2017 I have joined Oracle Labs in Zürich.

I'm on Github and LinkedIn.

Short Biography

  • Since 04/17 Senior Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Labs, Zürich.
  • 06/11-12/16 Research Assistant, Database Systems Group, U Tübingen.
  • 08/15-10/15 Summer internship at Oracle Labs.
  • 05/11 Diploma (Diplom-Informatiker, equiv. to M.Sc.) in Computer Science (minor subject: Medicine), U Tübingen
  • 10/04-05/11: Student of Computer Science, U Tübingen

Recent Publications