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Pathfinder: XQuery Off the Relational Shelf.

Torsten Grust, Jens Teubner, Jan Rittinger

Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering. Special Issue on XQuery Processing: Practice and Experience. Vol. 31, No. 4, December 2008.

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The Pathfinder project makes inventive use of relational database technology—originally developed to process data of strictly tabular shape to construct efficient database-supported XML and XQuery processors. Pathfinder targets database engines that implement a set-oriented mode of query execution: many off-the-shelf traditional database systems make for suitable XQuery runtime environments, but a number of off-beat storage back-ends fit that bill as well. While Pathfinder has been developed with a close eye on the XQuery semantics, some of the techniques that we will review here will be generally useful to evaluate XQuery-style iterative languages on database back-ends.