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PL/SQL Without the PL

Denis Hirn, Torsten Grust

Proceedings of the 39th ACM SIGMOD Int'l Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2020), Portland, Oregon, USA, June 2020.

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We demonstrate a source-to-source compilation technique that can translate user-defined PL/SQL functions into plain SQL queries. These PL/SQL functions may feature arbitrarily complex control flow—iteration, in particular. From this imperative-style input code we derive equivalent recursive common table expressions, ready for execution on any relational SQL:1999 back-end. Principally due to the absence of PL/SQL↔SQL context switches, the output plain SQL code comes with substantial runtime savings. The demonstration embeds the compiler into an interactive setup that admits function editing while live re-compilation and visualization of intermediate code forms happens in the background.