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Advanced SQL

  • Apr 17, 2017 — First lecture on Tuesday, April 18, 10:15 in room C215. First tutorial on Thursday, April 27, when we have collected the first batch of interesting material. — Torsten Grust

  • Apr 20, 2017 — The forum is now accessible via this link. We will use it, to communicate details and discussions about the lecture, weekly assignments and other related topics. — Christian Duta

Relational database systems provide efficient storage for large volumes of data. This course highlights that these systems also provide a versatile and expressive data processing language: SQL. There's much more to SQL than the plain SELECT...FROM...WHERE clause and we will see that a surprisingly large number of algorithmic problems can be tackled using SQL. Moving computation close to the data is key to unlock the true potential of database systems.

Selected course topics include

  • common table expressions (WITH),
  • non-standard data types (arrays, geometric data, JSON, XML),
  • table functions,
  • window functions,
  • recursive computation,
  • user-defined SQL procedures (PL/SQL),
  • index design for complex SQL queries,
  • off-beat SQL applications, usedul SQL idioms, and fun SQL puzzles.

The course will only provide a brief introduction to the fundamental aspects of relational database systems. We expect you to have basic SQL skills (through prior attendance of Datenbanksysteme I or personal projects, for example) or be willing to acquire such skills.

Join us for a boatload of SQL fun! We will provide more course details once the semester approaches.

  • Administrativa
  • Fundamentals of the tabular (relational) data model
2The Core of SQL
  • A tour of core SQL constructs
  • Query conventions in this course

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Additional material (code, data)

Instructions for participating in the "Advanced SQL" exercises.